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Acrylic Signage

The versatility of acrylic signage allows its use for many purposes, i.e. corporate, personal or recreational. The acrylic signages may be engraved or laser-cut into many creative shapes. They are also waterproof, long-lasting, ideal for lighted sign displays, easy to display and mount, can be cut into virtually any shape, can be printed with any design, artwork, photo or logo, etc.
Vynex Signs produces acrylic logos with state of the art vacuum-forming machines.

Vinyl Banners

Vinyl Banners are cost-effective, relatively quick to produce, easily installed, comes in a variety of colors and are virtually unlimited in size as they can be joined with ease. Impressive full color graphics can be draped against an entire side of the building making it an extremely effective advertising tool.

Fiberglass Monoliths

Fiberglass monoliths are mainly used to identify business establishments. They are also commonly used for huge store displays or generic directories.
Fiberglass is durable and lightweight. The immensity of size, vividness of colors, design and strategic placement makes it an effective signboard.

Dimensional / Routed Signage

Dimensional Signs come in several varieties of materials and styles. They may be used for interior lobby signs, office identity signs, way-finding or as directional signs.
Vynex uses 3-dimensional routers along with vertical and engraving routers that are operated by skilled operators who execute the designs on acrylic sheet, wood, stone or other routable materials. The routed acrylic letters are excellent for interior signs and exterior signs, usually when a glossy acrylic look is wanted

Menu Board

Menuboards, particularly in Quick Service Restaurants or fastfoods, are in-store materials that Vynex produces. Such menuboards, with appetite-appeal photography, are mostly back-lit and may be digitalized.
Snap frames are high-quality frames, built to last a lifetime, that are made from solid, treated aluminum. They allow to quickly change the display content of the frames, e.g. posters for product images, promotional offers and customer notices.

Way-Finding Signs and Directory

Way-finding is composed of navigational tools that assist traffic from point of location to point of destination, providing recognizable landmarks and best route to take. Way-finding signs usually make use of marker or signal posts, which are made of aluminum or heavy duty plastic
Directory signs are usually installed from the point of entry in establishments, continuing through hallway directional signs, finally to identified or desired locations.


Lettering can be rendered in almost any form and type using a vast variety of materials. Some materials used are brass, stainless, copper, iron, wood and acrylic. The signage can be of any dimension to make it attractive and eye catching.

Poster Display Spaces

Presently, Vynex has 40”x60’ and 5’x10’ Illuminated Poster Display Units that are installed in high density malls throughout the Metropolitan Manila area. Such spaces are available to advertisers who wish to reach and show their messages directly to their target markets. The poster advertising materials can also be produced by Vynex.


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